Darius Joins ‘As One Cru’ Wines in Partnership with Winemaker Chris Radomski 

Darius Rucker has partnered with internationally acclaimed winemaker Chris Radomski to join AS ONE CRU, a wine brand created to bring people together and create memorable experiences. As part of the creative team, Rucker’s elegance and taste will play a key role in the evolution of these wines from conception to completion. 
“I’ve been a big fan of wine since my buddy Dan Marino shared some amazing bottles with me in the early Hootie & the Blowfish days,” reflects Rucker. “To me, a great wine is about the moments you create with the people you love. I’ve had the same musical family – the same crew – for almost 30 years, so the spirit of AS ONE CRU is something I’ve been living for a long time. And it really doesn’t hurt that the wine is absolutely delicious!”

AS ONE CRU boasts two 99-point wines and currently offers beautiful Napa Valley and Oregon pinot noirs, as well as a sophisticated, full-bodied Napa cabernet, with more varietals to be released this summer.

After 25 years and 20-plus 100-point ratings for his wines, Radomski is no stranger to creating award-winning wines. As a founding partner of Layer Cake and Hundred Acre wines, Radomski says AS ONE CRU was inspired from a different place.

“I’ve always felt music, art, food and wine are interconnected – they’re all ways to collaborate and soak up time with your friends & family – your crew,” he shares. “Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or simply enjoying the company of your loved ones, there’s nothing like coming together over a glass of great wine.”
He continues, “I’ve been a fan of Darius from the ‘90s up through the amazing stuff he’s doing right now in Country music, and we’re really thrilled to welcome him to the CRU. He brings an authentic, laid-back charm that represents what this wine is all about.”
“There’s an artistry in every sip,” says CRU member Rahul “Raj” Sheth of SOTC Multimedia Group, “the depth of the flavors, the meaning behind the name – it’s an emotion and a philosophy in a bottle.”
Rucker shared his excitement, noting, “As a kid from Charleston, I’ve been lucky to live out my dreams of making music that so many people have created memories over. AS ONE CRU is another way I can share what I love with the world. I can’t wait for you to experience the wines!”
AS ONE CRU pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon are available now at www.asonecruwines.com.